This work package will define the agenda and venue of focused workshops, either as stand-alone meetings or symposia within existing meetings (e.g. EUROMAT or E-MRS) to provide a format for transfer of concepts and knowledge between groups working on thermodynamics of interfaces and groups working on atomistic analysis (theory and experiments) of interfaces.
In this WP, Senior European and non-European researchers and Young European scientists will participate in defining the topics and the format of stand-alone workshops. They will interact with WP2 in order to call new lecturers expert in missing fields. These workshops will identify some of the thematic lectures which have to be taught in the Thematic Summer School to close the gap between the research in interface thermodynamics and structure-dependent properties at the atomistic length-scale.

The first MACAN conference will take place between November 14-17, 2009, at the Harnack-Haus in Berlin, Germany. Details on the conference are available from the menu.