A particularly important goal is to foster collaborative efforts with groups active in the field in Europe, in order to clearly identify the existing gaps in research in interface thermodynamics and structure-dependent properties at the atomistic length-scale, which will maximize the impact of MACAN on interface science research in Europe. This includes coordination with other FP7 programs and European Technology Platforms, as well as identification of European and non-European expertise not currently active in EU-supported research programs.

In this WP, we will identify and map the gaps in the current research. This will be the basis for the rest of the project. It will have the following tasks:

  1. Identification and mapping of missing fields of activity in Europe within the scope of the theme of this program;
  2. Identification and mapping of past and current European projects relevant to this topic, and coordination of activities with these projects;
  3. Identification of non-European expertise;
  4. Initiating Coordination with selected European Technology Platforms.