Nice, May11

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Roommate Application:

In order to find a roommate you need to either contact someone from the list or add yourself to the list and wait for someone to contact you.

Once you have found a roommate please inform me so that I can remove you from this list.

Please note that all the form fields are compulsory in order to be added to the list.

Thank you!

Special Issue:

Dear participants of the Macan Symposium within E-MRS 2011,

The organizers of this symposium have arranged for a Special Issue of the Journal of Materials Science to be based on presentations made at the symposium.

A special issue is a unique opportunity to publish a manuscript within a single issue focusing on a particular topic, and these focused issues tend to draw attention from the community working in the field.

As such, we encourage you to prepare and submit a manuscript on the topic of your presentation.

Please note that JMS Special Issues are NOT conference proceedings.  All manuscripts must contain new results which have not been previously published.  All manuscripts will go through the standard review process of JMS.  Review articles that conform with the definitions of JMS (see instructions to authors) will be considered.  Please note that review articles must provide a description of the state of the art in the broadest sense, and clearly define open questions and future directions.

Instructions for authors can be found at the JMS web site.

The organizers of the symposium will ensure a rapid and detailed review of all submitted manuscripts.  To ensure rapid publication of the special issue, we ask that manuscripts be submitted by May 20th, 2011 via the JMS on-line program.  Please select E-MRS MACAN as the type of manuscript.