Israel, April 13

CapStone Meeting: April 20-26, 2013

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It is the goal of MACAN to establish an environment conducive to promoting communication and collaboration between groups using thermodynamic approaches with groups studying the atomistic structure of interfaces, since bridging this particular scientific gap has the potential to generate new design criteria for advanced material systems. The project is based on a core group of European partners, augmented by experts in the field from Japan, the US, India, and Brazil. The MACAN partners have realized that such a form of communication is critical to advancing the field of interface science and interface-based technology.
The core group of partners has established structured vehicles for discussion and dissemination of knowledge via workshops, a summer school, and via scientific exchange between experts in Europe, Japan, the US, India and Brazil. These meetings were open to the general European public, and identifying additional European and non-European experts was one of the main goals of the general program. While the core group of partners is academic, European industry is involved in the structured discussions to facilitate identification of key interface-related industrial issues, and to promote transfer of knowledge from the academic environment to European industry.

CapStone is the concluding MACAN conference, based on invited presentations by leading scientists in the field. While originally intended as a partner meeting, the core leaders of MACAN decided to expand CapStone to include non-partners as part of the dissemination action of MACAN.  CapStone is divided into two parts. The first part of the meeting is based primarily on invited speakers who are not Macan partners, augmented by selected MACAN speakers.
In addition, following the philosophy of MACAN, oral sessions will be summarized by discussion sessions led by MACAN young scientists with the goal of bridging the gap between continuum and atomistics of interfaces. The discussion sessions will provide MACAN young scientists scientific exposure, which is also a goal of the program.  This will take place from Saturday April 20th through Wednesday morning April 24th.  On Wednesday morning the MACAN partners and their students will proceed to Kibbutz Goshrim for a closed meeting based on presentations by young scientists, and a concluding discussion of the outcome of MACAN.